Emergency Maneuvers


It would be nice to live in a world where no one ever had to consider emergency maneuvers while on the road, but sadly that is not the case.

As a driver you will, at some point, be confronted with a scenario that requires you to act quickly, correctly and assertively in order to avoid collisions. These actions are what are known as “emergency maneuvers” or “collision avoidance.”


Collision avoidance and emergency maneuvering instructors are certified and licensed to give new drivers the information and training they need to safely avoid hazards and collisions on the road. This includes:

  • How to handle drifting onto gravel shoulders on the side of the road
  • Preventing and reacting to head-on-collision scenarios
  • Reacting to rear-end collisions in order to minimize the impact and ensuing damage
  • Quickly responding to impromptu hazards such as animals, people, other objects and/or vehicles
  • Knowledge of and ability to use emergency threshold braking and ABS to minimize and control skidding and sliding
  • The use of braking and avoidance techniques to foresee potential collisions


All Pass Driving’s Emergency Maneuvers course can be taken in conjunction with other driving instruction course (including defensive driving and in-class/in-car drivers education) and provides an opportunity to develop better, more well-rounded driving skills for Ontario’s roads. Driving anywhere in the world means being able to predict and respond to potentially dangerous and legitimately dangerous situations to minimize damage and harm.

If you are looking to add additional driving skills to your repertoire and would like the training and know-how to protect yourself, your family and others while on the road, then emergency maneuvers are an invaluable part of that driving arsenal. Contact All Pass Driving today and find out how and where you can enroll in our Emergency Maneuvers training at locations all over the province of Ontario.